Winegar 35 Winegar Inc

Looking for precision in small-diameter components? Winegar’s Swiss machining services are tailor-made for crafting detailed parts in medium to high volumes. Our machinists use horizontal Swiss-style CNC turning centers to minimize bending and deflection to help ensure each part is manufactured with the utmost precision. These machines include up to 16 pallet load capabilities. Winegar is committed to exceptional quality backed by our cutting-edge technology.

  • Swiss Style CNC Turning Centers with capacity to 32 MM 1.25″ (32 mm)
  • Six Spindle screw machines with capacity up to 1.75″ material for your simpler high volume parts

Whether you need Swiss machining for intricate cylindrical parts or Swiss milling for specialized components, we can deliver high-quality, ultra-precision in every piece. Contact our team for a quote on Swiss and screw machining services today.

Swiss & Screw Machining Equipment

  • Two large Swiss
  • Two medium Swiss
  • Two 5/8″ Wickman
  • One 1″ Wickman
  • One 1-3/4″ Wickman