Last Updated: February 9, 2023

Quality System
We are currently registered to ISO9001:2015. With strong support from management and involvement from our team throughout the plant, continual improvement efforts have become second nature. We have focused on defining and managing our processes and setting objectives at all levels of our company. A copy of our certificate can be printed from our website at

Order Changes & Cancellations
Winegar will work with you to react to scheduling adjustments that may be required. In many cases, accommodations can be made. However, if orders are canceled once work has started, the customer will be responsible for the cost of the work in process. Subsequent operations may be discontinued to minimize the cost.

Print Revisions
For each order received, the part revision level is verified. Upon receipt of order, we compare the revision level listed on the purchase order to what we show in our system. If there are discrepancies, orders are placed on hold until engineering reviews the print/model and tooling and/or connects with the customer. If the revision level does not appear on the purchase order, we proceed to cast the order to the revision level currently shown in our system.

Order Acknowledgements
An order acknowledgement will be emailed to the customer once a purchase order is placed with Winegar. Winegar will create your product to specification unless noted differently in quote letter provided to the customer.

Please note, the acknowledgement does not confirm that Winegar agrees with all the customer’s terms and agreements stated on the purchase order or referred to on the customer’s website for reference.

Ship Quantities – Over/Under
The machining process is such that shipping exact quantities adds costs. To compensate for this, machining companies may produce more product than required on the purchase order. Winegar conforms to the industry standard of shipping +/-10% of the order quantity.

Winegar strives to offer the best pricing for its raw materials, machining, and value-added services. Price quotes are good for 30 days from the date of issue. Due to volatile markets for material and outsourced operations, we reserve the right to re-price at any time if these costs change and affect customers’ orders. If you have a part number that goes inactive for longer than 24 months, Winegar will not accept additional orders until the pricing is reviewed and adjusted if needed. All pricing is quantity break pricing based on order release quantities specified in your request for quote. Inactive parts being reactivated automatically be requoted.

Expedited Shipments
Expedites are rare and kept at a minimum for our customers. We are willing to provide whatever service we can when you need orders expedited recognizing value-added services with longer lead times may be more of an issue. Customers will be responsible for any additional charges involved in expediting shipments.

Freight, Shipping Hours & Pick-up
Winegar’s shipping and receiving hours are 7:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. All orders must be picked up within 7 calendar days of their completion date, or Winegar will ship the order via common carrier at the customer’s expense. Holidays and adjustment to hours will be communicated.

Credit Policy
Payment terms are net 30 days from invoice date. Payment trends are monitored to assess risk; consistent or sudden slowed payments may result in credit limit reduction, credit hold, or terms revocation. If a situation arises which will cause payment beyond agreed terms, we must be contacted in advance to arrange a satisfactory payment schedule. Unless prior arrangements are made, payments not received within 28 days of payment due date may result in credit hold on the customer account.

Once an account is placed on credit hold, scheduled orders will be removed from production and future orders will not be accepted. Orders will not be rescheduled until the account balance is current. This may result in updated acknowledgement dates for rescheduled orders. Winegar will evaluate customer accounts that have been on hold to determine if credit terms will be reestablished or if the customer will
be removed from hold with Cash in Advance (CIA) terms.

Tooling Storage
Winegar will provide storage for tooling that has had production within the past three (3) years. Beyond three (3) years tooling will be returned to the Customer at their expense. Customers will be notified of the need to remove their inactive tooling from Winegar. Tooling will be destroyed ninety (90) days from the date of notification.

Tooling Maintenance Costs
The cost of maintaining customer-owned tooling is the responsibility of each customer. Depending on how tight the tolerance is, this normal wear may require replacement or major repair of the tooling in as little as a few production runs. The Customer will receive a tooling quote when maintenance work is required.

Tooling Insurance
The responsibility for insuring customer-owned tooling rests with the customer. Winegar does not insure customer-owned tooling. If there is a loss, we will not provide any reimbursement for either replacement tooling or for any business interruption caused by the loss of tooling. Our customer will want to be certain they have insurance coverage for their tooling. Often, insurance policies already cover loss of property at other locations. For your insurance records, we will provide (at your request) a listing of all tooling located at Winegar. The best replacement cost estimate for lost tooling is your original cost adjusted for inflation.

Defective Materials – Warranty/Replacement
When there is a defect, Winegar’s warranty is to replace the defective product(s). If we have provided secondary operations on the part such as heat-treating, painting, or coatings, those charges will also be covered by us. The warranty is valid for 12 months from the production date of the product. Unless special arrangements have been made in advance, we will not cover the cost of secondary operations provided by you or under purchase orders to third parties.

Return Goods Authorization (RGA)
In all cases, product being returned to Winegar must be assigned an RGA number. Castings received without an RGA will be rejected at the dock. Contact the Winegar customer service department at to get an RGA number and please return product using the carrier we have requested. Shipping instructions are printed on our RGA acknowledgment. If product is requested to be returned and you take deductions for defective product, we require the product to be returned in house to Winegar within thirty (30) days. Failure to do so may cause a credit hold on your account.

Winegar’s preference would be to wait for the credit to be issued before taking the deduction. Costs outside of crediting returned parts are handled on a case-by-case basis. However, we do not cover arbitrary administrative fees without prior written agreement acknowledged by both parties. RGAs will only be issued for product received within 12 months of shipment. In addition, freight will not be covered if product is returned and found to have been produced more than 12 months from the request date.

Please contact us with any questions or concerns regarding these Terms and Conditions.